FLU - The game

Project duration: Aug 2015 - Ongoing
My role: Programmer and Level Designer
In collaboration with : Antti Ollikainen (Concept, artist and animator), Gabriela Juganaru (Audio Designer)
The story of the game is based on the comic book by Antti Ollikainen here
It follows a sick bird who is ridden with constant sneezing fits attempting to rescue eggs from an egg factory. The idea here is to turn the flu that is commonly viewed as a hindrance into an asset. For example, while sneezing in a factory may alert the monsters on patrol, sneezing directly on the monster could kill it.
This is a platform game with several puzzles in each level.
The game is scheduled to be released during September 2016 on the Play Store, iOS Store and Steam.


Here are some of my recent works.

FLU - The game

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