IGEM - ArtScience 2009

Project duration: May - Dec 2009
During the summer of 2009, I decided to take up a course on synthetic biology and look into the ethical issues related to it. A few of us from Srishti decided to participate in IGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machines) collaborating with NCBS (National College for Biological Sciences). Using mainly a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach, getting our hands wet and controversially experimenting with genetic engineering, we synthesised geosmin. Geosmin is a compound responsible for the earthly smell of rain in tropical regions. We also dealt with ethical issues related to genetic engineering. This course was a great learning process and it bridged certain gaps between art and science.
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Here are some of my recent works.

FLU - The game

A game about a bird ridden with flu attempting to rescue eggs from an egg factory.

Frozen Dreams

A 3D game with heavy physics elements taking place in the protagonist's altered state of mind.

Desert Breeze

A media art piece focusing on the inevitability of war inspired by some of Prof. Howard Zinn's works.

Little Kiwi

A platform game about an excluded Kiwifruit trying to find his mother in the kitchen.

Green Gold 2

A documentary exploring individuals across the world who are reviving large swathes of degraded land.

Weary Witness

An adventure game with film elements looking at the current situation in Israel-Palestine.

Films on Water

Films that tell stories around open wells, lakes and waste management in the city of Bangalore.

Mad Cow Cheesease

A game where Cheasus is stuck in 4 stomachs of a cow collecting gas bubbles to get farted out.

IGEM - 2009

Our work with geosmin presented at the International Genetically Engineered Machines in MIT.

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